Total Solution

AgriTrace is a wholly Australian owned, innovative agricultural commodities management solution, established to provide traceability and security of commodities from their point of origin to final destination. It provides greater traceability, proof of provenance and increased quality assurance in the management of commodities.

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Centralised and Secured Database

The AgriTrace database holds valuable information on product origin, quantity, quality, treatments, movements (logistics) and chain of custody. The database provides our clients (growers, aggregators, superintendents, buyers and financiers) with an increased level of operating information for more streamlined identification and management of agricultural commodities.

RFID Technology

RFID technologies attached to, or placed within product storage, provide a unique identification code to facilitate the tracking of commodities of all types. This unique code can follow the commodity through its conversion from produce to processed goods and allow the grower to represent the life of their product to the consumer.

Sensor Technology

Integration with sensor technology enables the system to acquire vital measurable data, such as temperature and moisture directly from the sensor. The ability to obtain this type of information from a variety of sensors is the inherent advantage provided by the total AgriTrace solution for the assurance of valuable agricultural commodities.


AgriTrace provides a management solution for commodity storage and can be used to extend the life of commodities by tracking their quality and freshness during their storage cycle. AgriTrace works effectively with traditional storage (silos, cool rooms, warehouses), storage bag technologies, mobile bins and even down to boxes. Growers can use the depth of information captured to differentiate themselves by being able to show consumers the freshness of stock at point of purchase.

Access & Assurance

The availability and assurance of quality information provided by access to a central database can be measured in terms of its information value to buyers, financiers and traders through more efficient identification and management of commodity transactions.